Peak / Shelf Morph Realtime Session – Z-Plane ( Daily Work )

… this is a typical Sound Design Editing Realtime Session after Daily Work

I used the Peak / Shelf Morph  Expression Filter ( Z-Plane ).

Midi A Controlled  the Morph –  Midi B Expression  – Midi C Rts ( VEnv ) – Midi D the Mix/Dry  from the old Eos Flanger with to much Feedback ;). Aftertouch controlled the „Input“ of a Delay ( via GFX1 ) and a little bit the F-Freq. Modwheel controlled the Value of the Chord where is a LFO given wich controlled / sweep also the F-Freq. 35% RFX Chorus. The Sample is an old dirty voice from Korg Wavesstion. I think the EFX from the WS is broken 😉 , but great for the Z-Plane Filter.

…the rest is just a Realtime Session .