E-MU Sampler

What is an EMU-Sampler? I have used the Emu-Sampler for more than15 Years. For me this is one of the best late Hardware Instruments . You can find many thinks on Internet about the Emu family,
but here I want to show things I have never found in the Web and had to find it by myself. If you are not familiar
with the Emu-Sampler and this technology (Emu Samplers, Midi, Sampling …) , please refer manuals and the Web. Thanks !
You can´t explain all what you can do with this great maschine. There are exactly as many possibilities as like people out there. Millions!
So, I show you what I did and found out the last years. It´s like a sound design , recherable Artist Webside here.
If you have any question , or wish something to know or to see ( hear) here, do not hesiate to Conact me at