Korg EX 800 Sample with RFX Reverb

End of Daily Work Sampling Session. Just found today some Samples from the old fashioned Korg EX 800 in the Internet and made some Presets for my new Projekt. After all that work, Sampling/Cuting/Looping/etc, i made a little Soundcheck Session with the RFX Reverb. Filter came from 6 Pol via Aftertouch.That´s all ! I love this Reverb more and more.

L C R Panning & Mixing with RFX-32 Card

L C R Panning & Mixing with RFX-32 Card

Just experiment with L C R mixing around
I use the GFX 1 for left and the GFX 2 for right. – both to Main.
Bus 1 has default the C , but you can use also other Settings.
Important is to use the RFX Mixer PlugIn because all other related Pan Stuff ( Preset/ Mixer etc ) is Bullshit .( EOS BUG ! or/ and RFX Bug ! )
You need Phase linear Pan.

not this

If so you have to be careful with sending your Signal to both or proportionately thru them. For this i use the Free Corrrelometer PlugIN from Voxengo. Really nice tool ! , you can see exaclty the phase shift.

Importen ! I use the Balance Pan Variant in the MixerPlugIn to get all this under Control, because i can use in the other Busses Stereo and Mono Signals.
It´s sound really different instead free pan to Main Out. Clear !

BTW : I rediscovered the „Solo“ button.
Did you know that has the different functions depending on what is selected in the RFX Setup Page? 😉 😉 😉
Example if you select the “Bus” you hear only this Buss ( in my case the Hard Left or right in the GFX busses )

or / and if the FX selected only the FX in the Buss Slot.

Wow. Nothing in the Manual about this.

Peak / Shelf Morph Realtime Session – Z-Plane ( Daily Work )

… this is a typical Sound Design Editing Realtime Session after Daily Work

I used the Peak / Shelf Morph  Expression Filter ( Z-Plane ).

Midi A Controlled  the Morph –  Midi B Expression  – Midi C Rts ( VEnv ) – Midi D the Mix/Dry  from the old Eos Flanger with to much Feedback ;). Aftertouch controlled the „Input“ of a Delay ( via GFX1 ) and a little bit the F-Freq. Modwheel controlled the Value of the Chord where is a LFO given wich controlled / sweep also the F-Freq. 35% RFX Chorus. The Sample is an old dirty voice from Korg Wavesstion. I think the EFX from the WS is broken 😉 , but great for the Z-Plane Filter.

…the rest is just a Realtime Session .