L C R Panning & Mixing with RFX-32 Card

L C R Panning & Mixing with RFX-32 Card

Just experiment with L C R mixing around
I use the GFX 1 for left and the GFX 2 for right. – both to Main.
Bus 1 has default the C , but you can use also other Settings.
Important is to use the RFX Mixer PlugIn because all other related Pan Stuff ( Preset/ Mixer etc ) is Bullshit .( EOS BUG ! or/ and RFX Bug ! )
You need Phase linear Pan.

not this

If so you have to be careful with sending your Signal to both or proportionately thru them. For this i use the Free Corrrelometer PlugIN from Voxengo. Really nice tool ! , you can see exaclty the phase shift.

Importen ! I use the Balance Pan Variant in the MixerPlugIn to get all this under Control, because i can use in the other Busses Stereo and Mono Signals.
It´s sound really different instead free pan to Main Out. Clear !

BTW : I rediscovered the „Solo“ button.
Did you know that has the different functions depending on what is selected in the RFX Setup Page? 😉 😉 😉
Example if you select the “Bus” you hear only this Buss ( in my case the Hard Left or right in the GFX busses )

or / and if the FX selected only the FX in the Buss Slot.

Wow. Nothing in the Manual about this.